Publisert: 03.09.2014

Sustainable Cities across the South and the North

Coping with urbanisation and sustainability evidently differs globally. We question the phenomenon of International Urbanism and the possibility of translocal knowledge production.

The modern city of Oslo as seen from the fjord
The modern city of Oslo as seen from the fjord

Time and place: Tuesdag 16. September, 08:30-10:00, CIENS toppsenter

Professor Adriana Allen from Development Planning Unit at University College London (DPU/UCL) will give an introductory presentation which professor Desmond McNeill, Centre for Development and Environment, University of Oslo (SUM, UiO) will comment upon.

CIENS has recently launched CIENS Urban as its common research programme or centre on Urban Sustainability. CIENS Urban aims at doing comparative research both in a national, international and global perspective.

Breakfast is served from 08:15.

The presentation of Prof Adriana Allen may be downloaded here.

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