Publisert: 11.12.2014


CIENS - Oslo Centre for Interdisciplinary Environmental and Social Research

The CIENS building, Forskningsparken - Oslo Science Park
The CIENS building, Forskningsparken- Oslo Science Park

CIENS is a strategic research collaboration of seven independent research institutes and the University of Oslo. The centre builds on a shared scientific strategy, cooperation on research projects, and a shared location for about 500 researchers in the environmentally sound Oslo Science Park.

CIENS represents an arena for collaborative interdisciplinary research on environmental and social issues. It spans a range of disciplines across the natural and social sciences, covering both basic and applied research as well as innovation, communication and collaboration with users and the public.

The CIENS strategy for 2013-2017 aims to develop CIENS as an internationally leading centre for research and innovation, providing new knowledge on environment, climate and society, as a basis for sustainable development.

The CIENS strategy has identified sustainable urbanisation as a theme for particular collaborative effort. Additional research and other project activities include issues on climate, energy and pollution as well as natural diversity and ecosystem services.

CIENS conducts various communication activities to encourage dialogue between researchers, users and media on environmental issues, including breakfast seminars and conferences, a web site (, and ad-hoc events. CIENS provides user-oriented syntheses on selected environmental topics, in the form of a CIENS Report or through other channels.

CIENS is located in the Oslo Science Park, next to the University of Oslo, and close to downtown Oslo. See How to find CIENS.

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CIENS is a member of the Partnership for European Environmental Research. PEER represents eight large, interdisciplinary environmental research centres in Europe. PEER members cover leading integrated knowledge on environmental issues and their human dimensions, applied to the needs of European policy, business and the Public.

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