Tid: 03.12.2018 kl 12:15 Publisert: 10.10.2018

Mercury in freshwaters – from forest to fish – in northern ecosystems

Climer project concerns climatic, abiotic and biotic drivers of mercury in freshwater fish in northern ecosystems and is a Norwegian Research Council project running from 2015 to 2018. This CIENS seminar is part of the final Climer workshop December 3rd-5th, 2018, at NIVA in Oslo.


Time and date: Monday, December 3rd, 12:15-16:00.

Location: Forskningsparken, Oslo, Gaustadalléen 21, Meeting room Hagen 1+2.

Please register by November 20 at: https://surveys.enalyzer.com?pid=c4t6f6ha


12.15 Welcome & introduction, Heleen de Wit, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Oslo

12:20 Local through regional factors that affect Hg in food webs of Canadian lakes, Karen Kidd, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

12:40 Forest management as a driver of methylmercury in surface waters, Karin Eklöf, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala

13:00  Is fish mercury declining in Fennoscandia? Lessons learnt from long-term records of fish monitoring, Hans Fredrik Veiteberg Braaten, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Oslo

13:20-13:50 Coffee/tea break

13:50 Relations between mercury, dissolved organic matter and aquatic foodwebs from paired-lake studies, Amanda Poste, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Tromsø

14:10  The importance of fish population ecology for understanding variations of mercury in Fish, Kimmo Kahilainen, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Evenstad

14:30  Modelling of mercury accumulation in aquatic foodwebs, James Armitage, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

14:50 Will an effective policy to reduce Hg emissions lead to cleaner rivers and lakes? Heleen de Wit, Norwegian Institute for Water Research, Oslo

15:10 General discussion: needs for science-based policy for the Minamata Convention. Introduction by Hans Fredrik Braaten (participant COP-2 meeting Minamata Convention in November 2018): identification of further knowledge gaps. Discussion leader: Heleen de Wit

16:00 Closing of meeting

For questions about this CIENS seminar, please contact Heleen de Wit: heleen.de.wit@niva.no.